Introduction to Hogo Global Democracy

Communism failed and now capitalism has failed, we will get it right this time.

Three simple global adjustments that will provide every single person on the planet with a basic income, which will guarantee them sufficient food, a roof over their head, basic health care and the opportunity of a 3rd level education.

1.) Stop spending $1.8 trillion on weapons.

2.) Tax the leading corporations in the world 80% of their income above a certain level.

3.) Take control of the $3.6 trillion lost to corruption annually around the globe.

Now go back and read the first paragraph again, to see what this would mean for the 3 billion poorest of your fellow human beings. A very small price to pay.

Hogo Global Democracy is totally pro business and entrepreneurship, but totally anti greed at the same time. We need a balance, when the income of the top 1% of the world, is the same as the combined poorest 50%. You can laugh at communism, and so you should, but if you think today’s capitalism is any better, you might need help in other areas of your life as well!

Is there really anything in this world more crazy than spending $1.8 trillion per year on weapons to point at or kill each other with? Is there any reason in the world to have corporations holding trillions of dollars in bank accounts, while 50% of the world are living on less than $2.5 per day? If there is no other reason to try to set up a Real Global Democracy except to stop this madness, it will be very well worth it! In a true democracy, and I mean true, with an open and free media, why would we need any weapons? You will never get a majority vote anywhere to attack and go to war, so there is no need to have an army to defend from anyone. China knows this, which is why it’s the fastest growing economy over the last 3 or 4 decades.

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Challenges and Possible Solutions

How do we get people to be less passive and take more of an interest in society’s future, whether at a local, national or global level? Here are a few suggestions. 

1.) Get kids in schools to start voting on simple things, such as whether to go to the park or play football at lunch break, etc. Get them used to the fact that their vote counts, as well as used to accepting the results of democratic elections.

2.) Give people the opportunity to vote online securely (see below).

3.) Create very small local authorities for maybe 1,000 households, and give them a budget to work with. If they are offered a choice between spending xx% on footpaths or an extension to the local school, they will register online to vote, because the decisions taken have an immediate impact on their lives. This will help them to understand that their vote does count, and you also have them registered online to vote on national and global issues.

How do we change from fictional democracies to real ones?

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The Simple Way To Create Real Democracies

1.) Create the first structure, both globally and nationally.

We need to recruit experienced economics, political, IT and marketing journalists/writers to work initially as volunteers in the global team. These people will have experience working on global issues, rather than national. We also need to recruit the same individual professional volunteers, who specialise in their own country, to work with us at a national level, by country.

2.) Raise funds for the following three purposes:

a) To provide salaries for our volunteers who wish to work with us full-time.

b) To create the operational and administrative infrastructure for the organisation.

c) To employ a team of experienced tech heads/IT specialists to work on the online voting systems that we will need in the future. Of course, the main aspect of this will be online identity verification, but there are also many other elements.

3.) Create a new Hogo Democracy national political party in each country

Once we have the above two points executed, we will need to set up national political parties to contend with the next general election in each country. We already have the domains and social media accounts in place for each of the world’s countries, including North Korea – you never know when circumstances will change there, and it’s important to have an alternative way forward for the people to decide on using, or otherwise, if there is a change, so that they don’t end up in limbo. The new political parties will run for election on the basis that if they get into power, their sole purpose will be to change the constitution to a Hogo Democracy system, and immediately resign to allow for new elections.

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Block Chain Voting System from the Comfort of your Home

This or some similar voting system that can be used locally, nationally and at a global level, is exactly what civilisation needs urgently, so that we can create a proper real democracy.

In the current scenario, citizens get the right to vote on one of two main parties in most cases, and then they have no say in anything for another five years. Stupid, crazy and completely outdated sh*te system, causing havoc right around the world.

Supposing we elected a prime minister, cabinet members, etc., and they acted as managers rather than politicians. They stay in their position for as long as we or they want to, and they would seek approval in a vote every five years, but with no opposition. Only if they are not reapproved by the electorate would it trigger an election to replace them, and only for that position, not for a whole party, which we don’t need anyway.

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